Service Management & ITIL®

In this part of our website, we provide basic professional information on Service Management (Service Management), a o ITIL®, a collection of best practices in the field of service management.

You can learn why it makes sense to manage services, learn what ITIL® content is, how to work with it, what its historical development was and what the differences are between its individual versions. We will show you how ITIL® relates to other advanced approaches and standards used in IT management in organizations, and last but not least, you will have the opportunity to learn and understand several key ITIL® concepts.

All information provided on this website is current as of February 2019, ie the information published on this website already takes into account the latest version of ITIL®4, published on February 28, 2019. The terminology listed on this site is original with the introduction of unofficial Slovak equivalents.

The information published here was prepared for you by the administrator of this website – the company OMNICOM, s.r.o., The authors of the professional parts of the website are recognized experts in the field of service management – Ing Pavol Holbík, ITIL Expert and Mgr. Jiří Skála, ITIL Expert.