General terms and conditions

Valid for business relationships between participants of educational services (hereinafter “services”) and the company OMNICOM, s.r.o., registered office at Tomášikova 64, 831 04 Bratislava, ID: 36 363 383, VAT ID: 2022200576, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court BA I, section s.r.o. , reg. no.: 48750/B. (hereinafter “OMNICOM”) when purchasing OMNICOM’s learning services through the e-shop of the portal (hereinafter “portal”):

  1. Delivery conditions

OMNICOM undertakes to deliver educational services in the scope and terms as indicated on the portal. At the same time, OMNICOM reserves the right to change the date of the procedure, or cancellation of the service without compensation, while informing the participants about this fact no later than 6 working days before the date of implementation of the service.

The range of delivered services can only be changed after ordering the service if such intervention is requested by a third party that OMNICOM cannot influence (e.g. course syllabi from AXELOS, EXIN, PeopleCert, etc.).

  1. Prices of services

The prices for the services provided are listed on the portal for individual services (pages with course descriptions). The prices include all costs incurred by the participant in the implementation of the service, including premises, written documentation and aids, logistics, refreshments and lunches. For services where it is stated in writing, the costs also include the relevant third-party certification test (EXIN, PeopleCert…). The price does not include VAT, VAT will be added to the final price of the course according to the relevant Slovak and EU laws.

  1. Payment terms

The price for the course is paid by default on the basis of an invoice to the bank account of OMNICOM, issued after the end of the course. The exception to the mentioned rule is natural persons and legal entities who order the service for the first time, where OMNICOM reserves the right to require an advance payment in the amount of 100% with payment in advance, with a credit to the OMNICOM account no later than 1 day before the implementation of the service.

  1. Cancellation conditions (withdrawal from participation in the course/test by the participant)

In the case of cancellation of the order on the day of service implementation, or the last working day before the day of service implementation, the participant will be invoiced an amount equal to 100% of the service price.

In case of cancellation of the order 5 or less working days before the day of service implementation, the participant will be invoiced an amount equal to 50% of the price of the service.

If the participant cancels his participation and the materials for the service were already delivered to the participant before the cancellation, the participant will also be charged a fixed fee of EUR 150 excluding VAT for these materials.

We only accept written confirmation of cancellation of participation in the service.

  1. Complaint conditions

If the participant is not satisfied with the quality or scope of the services provided, wants to file a complaint or other initiative, he can do so within 30 days from the date of completion of the service at the email address In such a case, OMNICOM will investigate the participant’s initiative in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic and inform the participant of the outcome of the proceedings within 30 days from the date of submission of the initiative.

  1. Protection of personal data

By sending an order or by registering for the service, the participant agrees in accordance with Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, with the management, processing and storage of your personal data by OMNICOM, s.r.o. (based in Bratislava, Tomášikova 64, ID: 36363383) for the purpose of registering for the service in accordance with these conditions.

  1. Protection of intellectual property

All materials provided by OMNICOM are subject to copyright. All copyright and intellectual rights relating to the provided materials remain the property of OMNICOM, respectively. the owner of the intellectual rights mentioned in the given materials.

The service participant undertakes not to copy, publish, rent, sell or distribute these materials in any other way without the prior and express written consent of OMNICOM or the owner of the intellectual rights mentioned in the given materials.

  1. Alternative dispute resolution

The consumer has the right to contact the seller with a request for redress if he is not satisfied with the way in which the seller handled his complaint, or if he believes that the seller has violated his rights. If the seller responds negatively to the consumer’s request or does not respond to it at all within 30 days from the date it was sent, the consumer has the right to submit a proposal to start an alternative dispute resolution (hereinafter referred to as “ADR”). Only disputes resulting from the contract between the seller and the consumer and disputes related to this contract can be resolved in the form of ADR, with the exception of disputes according to sec. § 1 par. 4 of Act no. 391/2015 Coll. and disputes whose value does not exceed EUR 20. The proposal to start the ADR is submitted to the ADR entity according to sec. § 3 of the cited law, with the help of a platform or form designated for that purpose, the model of which is annex no. 1 of the cited law. The ADR entity may demand payment of the ADR initiation fee from the consumer, but up to a maximum of EUR 5 including VAT. If several entities are responsible for the ADR, the consumer has the right to choose which of them to submit a proposal to. In addition to the ADR, the consumer has the right to turn to the materially and locally competent general or arbitration court. The ADR platform is available on the website: