Lansweeper serves as a provider of IT Asset Management platforms, aiding businesses in enhancing their comprehension, control, and safeguarding of IT devices and networks. The platform assists customers in reducing risks and maximizing the efficiency of their IT assets by continually delivering practical insights into their technological resources. Lansweeper ensures dependable, valuable, and precise information regarding the status of users, devices, and software.

Since its establishment in 2004, Lansweeper has dedicated itself to evolving a software platform designed to identify and catalog various technology assets, installed software, and users. This enables organizations to centrally administer their IT systems.

Why Lansweeper

Asset Discovery

100% visibility through In-depth asset discovery across the entire IT estate.

Asset Inventory

Identify and assess details to actively manage your technology assets.

Risk Insights

Leverage Risk Insights and benefit from powerful data reports.

Powerful Integrations

Leverage data through API-based integrations to fuel any IT scenario.

Making IT Management easy

Reduce Costs

Expose unnecessary costs, aid in budgetary choices, and efficiently oversee your IT expenses with precise data.

Increase Visibility

Remove the blind spots and uncover hardware and software assets that were previously unknown to you.

Improve Efficiency

Automatically populate your CMDB, enhance service desk tickets, and monitor the lifecycle of your assets to allocate time for your core strengths.

Manage Risk

Identify rogue devices, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues proactively to address them before they escalate into problems.

How Lansweeper works