ITSM / ESM Tools

Increase the value for your customer by using one of our IT or Enterprise service management solutions – ITSM / ESM.

Our service management products are provided with professional enterprise support by OMNICOM together with product vendor. Our product range is designed to supply customers with a product that meets their requirements and is also suitable for their environment. Therefore, we offer cloud and local (on-premise) solutions that are based on various commercial or open-source platforms.


We chose OMNICOM because of their experience and their professional looking first impression. Our choice has paid off because we got to implement the ITSM tool with great success, with guidance at every step. We will continue the collaboration with OMNICOM to improve what we have built.

Ciprian Mic
IT Service Delivery Manager

Thanks to OMNICOM help with service request automation, we significantly speed up the request processing and make whole process much transparent.

Ivan Mazan
CIO at Nafta a.s.

The whole project was a success. The collaboration with 4me and local support via OMNICOM worked very well. The whole process was focused, quick, agile, and with total quality management. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Karina Rybarova
Head of IT Governance & IT Process Manager