PRINCE2® Processes

A process is a structured set of actions and activities aimed at achieving a certain goal:

  • Starting up a Project – the purpose is to provide the company’s management with enough information about whether it is worth continuing the initiation of the project, i.e. whether the project has sufficient justification.
  • Directing a Project – allows the control committee to control the progress of the project, if necessary to provide the project manager with advice or guidance, to authorize the project plan and individual stages.
  • Initiating a Project – defines the product to be delivered within the project, prepares the foundations for a well-planned and managed project
  • Controlling a Stage – manages the stage from its approval to its completion, assigns work and monitors its execution, enables taking the necessary corrective measures
  • Managing Product Delivery – allows the team manager to negotiate work requirements with the project manager and inform him about the work progress and potential problems
  • Managing and Stage Boundary – provides the management committee with information on the basis of which it can review and evaluate the ongoing viability of the project, prepares a plan for the next stage of the project
  • Closing a Project – establishes a fixed point at which the project product will be formally accepted. It confirms that the set goals were achievable and defines how the expected benefits will be measured after the end of the project.