Lean IT

Lean IT represents the application of Lean management principles in the IT service management environment. The central principle is the elimination of waste in the IT environment. Waste represents activities that do not add value to the service or product, but consume resources.

Lean management originated in the manufacturing environment and we often encounter the false opinion that Lean cannot be used in other industries. However, Lean can be applied to any process in any environment. And that is exactly what Lean IT is about, about the use of proven and tested practices and techniques in the IT service environment.

But Lean is far from blindly cutting costs and saving money. Lean brings a different approach, a different philosophy, a different way of thinking to the organization. Lean shows you how to do more with less:

  • Less effort
  • Less time
  • Fewer resources
  • With less requirements
  • And at the same time, you can deliver exactly what the customer expects.

Lean principles in the IT environment can bring:

Increasing customer satisfaction:

  • By shortening the time of handling the request
  • By speeding up the elimination of the fault
  • By reducing the number of outages

Improving the competitiveness and viability of IT:

  • More efficient use of costs
  • By improving the success of projects
  • By systematic improvement

Simplifying the internal functioning of IT:

  • Overall simplification of performed activities
  • By improving the technical and working environment
  • By focusing on truly beneficial activities

“Lean IT is a process of adaptive learning with the help of cooperation and experimentation of business representatives, technical specialists, suppliers and customers to continuously improve and innovate the use of information, information systems and technologies enabling the use of products and services to deliver value to the end customer.” (Steve Bell)

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