DevOps Foundation

Understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, practices and automation for DevOps.


795 € – 895 €  + taxes

(Including certification test)


2,5 days

(Including certification test)

Number of attendees

6 - 12

(Minimum number of 6 participants)

Course goals

Understand the basics, understand concepts like CI/CD, principles, practices and automation for DevOps. Preparing to pass the EXIN DevOps Foundation certification test

Course dates

Date and place Price without tax Free spaces Language
16. - 17. September 2024
Bratislava, ONLINE / IN PERSON
895 €
795 €
Yes Slovak
Date and place 16. - 17. September 2024
Bratislava, ONLINE / IN PERSON
Price without tax 895 €
795 €
Free spaces Yes

The DevOps Foundation certification course will help individuals and organizations:

  • Get basic information and understanding of the DevOps phenomenon
  • Understand the principles of Lean, Value Stream, Flow and more
  • Get to know DevOps practices – Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration, Kanban, ChatOps, ShiftLeft
  • Clarify the culture and enable individuals to adapt, or create a DevOps environment
  • Improve workflow
  • To share and exchange experiences and knowledge
  • Improve communication and feedback
  • Create a shared mindset
  • Understanding of an innovative approach based on the Value Chain IT model
  • Use the power of the moment
  • Set up dialogue and discussion
  • Discuss available skills
  • Identify future opportunities
  • Improve workflow
  • Start differential analysis
  • Share and exchange experiences and knowledge
  • Improve communication and feedback
  • Trust automation
  • Get a foundation for further education
  • For organizations and individuals who need a basic understanding of DevOps
  • Individuals involved in software development, IT operations, IT service management, or IT project management, especially from the environment of large organizations
  • IT professionals working in an Agile, Lean and Service Management environment
  • Individuals who will lead DevOps initiatives
  • To employees and management responsible for the design, revision and improvement of processes

Furthermore, the course is suitable for:

  • Developers
  • System engineers
  • Systems and infrastructure architects
  • IT managers
  • Business analysts, methodologists
  • SW tools vendors
  • Consultants
  • Those interested in the EXIN DevOps Foundation certificate
  • The basics of DevOps
    • Origin and definition of DevOps
    • Usability of DevOps
    • Misconceptions about DevOps
  • DevOps principles
    • Lean, Value stream, Flow
    • Deployment pipeline
    • Version control
    • Configuration management
    • Definition of done
    • The Three Ways (The Phoenix Project)
  • DevOps practices
    • Differences from traditional practices
    • Kanban, visualization
    • Operational / non-functional requirements
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery & Deployment
    • DevSecOps
    • ChatOps
    • Feedback
    • Shift left
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Practical applicability of DevOps
    • Applicability
    • Limits
    • Tools and architecture
    • Organizational model

The standard course content is prescribed by the EXIN accreditation institute. As a course provider, OMNICOM has expanded this content with other relevant topics that are growing almost daily in such a dynamic topic as DevOps. The course participant will thus obtain a large amount of information that can be used for his practice.

The course can also be described as:

Comprehensive – contains an extensive list of DevOps terms and concepts
Holistic – covers all aspects of DevOps (people, processes, technology) and includes aspects of organizational change in DevOps adaptation
Interactive – Contains practical assignments to complement study materials

The manual for this course is in English, the explanation is in Slovak.

The certification test from the EXIN certification institute for obtaining the internationally valid EXIN DevOps Foundation certificate is included in the price of the course and takes place after the course on the next working day in the morning after the course, or another date can be agreed upon. The test is in written form and consists of choosing the correct answers from the given options. The length of the test is 75 minutes. Preliminary test results are available immediately after passing the exam.

Characteristics of the test:

  • The test is only in English
  • The test is part of the course and cannot be ordered separately without participation in the course
  • Test form: written (EXIN)
  • The length of the test is 60 minutes + 15 minutes for non-native (English) speakers
  • The test contains 40 questions and consists of choosing the correct answer from the given options
  • Successful completion of the exam – 26 correct answers out of 40 (65%)
  • It is not possible to use any auxiliary materials or electronic devices on the test

Course forms

In addition to public dates, we also offer this course under advantageous conditions in the form of in-house training for a group of participants directly at the customer’s workplace.
To obtain detailed information, contact us.

OMNICOM prefers a face-to-face course format. In the event of an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the course will be conducted online.