Value Stream Simulation

Learn how to quickly deliver products using Value Stream principles!


1890 €  + taxes

(Price for one group)


1 day

Number of attendees

7 - 10

(Minimum number of 7 participants)

The simulation game Bricks & Chocolate is the main tool of this workshop. Attendees gain practical skills for better collaboration between different parts of the organization. They also define their value streams and review the flow.

Benefits of value stream management

  • Teams that manage themselves, gain the ability to quickly implement the required changes (Agile approach)
  • Improving access to the entire value chain from the customer’s request to delivery
  • Improving teamwork, increasing team efficiency
  • Significantly reduced Time to market – the organization can respond flexibly and quickly to customer´s needs.

Role play game. Basic value stream with the game has following series of steps:

The game is divided into several sprints with different scenarios. Each sprint is measured according to the delivered demand and quality of products.

The benefits of the workshop to your colleagues:

  • They will practice value stream principles and collaboration between teams on Bricks & Chocolate simulation game
  • They will continuously improve their skills and overcome traps of external and internal environment by repeatedly running the game
  • They will compare the game environment with the actual situation in the organization and propose first steps to change the entire value chain within their organization

Form of the workshop:

  • Simulation games Bricks & Chocolate, where participants are divided into groups of Business, Production (Development) and Delivery (Operation). They learn how to work closely to effectively deliver the desired products to Business using value stream principles in several steps.

Group bookings and more:, 02/4445 2840

Workshop dates

Date and place Price without tax Free spaces
By agreement
1890 € Yes
Date and place 31. December 2026
Price without tax 1890 €
Free spaces Yes