Resit – ITIL®4 Foundation certification exam

Unsuccessful candidates can retake the certification test. Only for participants of OMNICOM courses.


340 €  + taxes


60 min + 15 min

Number of attendees

Not limited

Test dates

Date and place Price without tax Free spaces
Voucher validity - 1 year
340 € Yes
Date and place 31. December 2024
Price without tax 340 €
Free spaces Yes

The certification resit test cannot be taken without prior participation in the accredited ITIL®4 Foundation course by OMNICOM.

The certification exam takes place online and consists of choosing the correct answers from the given options. The length of the test is 60 min + 15 min for non-native speakers.

The exam consists of 40 questions, while 26 (65%) correct answers are required for successful completion. The entire course is “Closed book”, i.e. without the possibility to use study materials either in paper or electronic form. It is possible to use a translation dictionary in paper form.

Online form of the exam:

After ordering the certification exam, PeopleCert will send you a voucher, which you can use directly on the PeopleCert portal, where you can also arrange an online test date. PeopleCert, as the certification authority, implements the test and communicates with the participant directly. You can download the test result and certificate from the PeopleCert portal.

Everyone who passes the exam will receive from AXELOS one month of free access to the My ITIL® program, where you will find useful materials such as descriptions of practices, white cases, user stories, etc.