Lean IT Foundation

Lean IT Foundation accredited course, which also includes a certification test. The practical benefit of the course is more efficient IT.


895 €  + taxes

(Including certification test)


2 d

(Including certification test)

Number of attendees

6 - 12

(Minimum number of 6 participants)

Course goals

Getting to know the principles of Lean management, the usability of Lean in the IT environment from the point of view of reducing IT costs, what must be taken into account when implementing and following Lean principles in everyday practice. Preparation for obtaining the EXIN (LITA – Lean Association) international certificate

Course dates

Ľutujeme ale tento kurz momentálne nemá vypísaný termín. V prípade záujmu nás prosím kontaktujte na tel. čísle 02/4445 2840 alebo písomne na sales@omnicom.sk.
Ľutujeme ale tento kurz momentálne nemá vypísaný termín. V prípade záujmu nás prosím kontaktujte na tel. čísle 02/4445 2840 alebo písomne na sales@omnicom.sk.
  • Ability to understand and identify the concept of waste, variability and inflexibility – tools to reduce IT costs
  • Knowledge of the content, meaning and terminology of Lean Management
  • Ability to explain the impact and importance of individual principles for Lean
  • Understanding what it means:
    • Value for the customer, Voice of the customer
    • Who is the customer and how to transfer their requirements to IT activities
    • Value stream mapping, Improving processes, Eliminating waste, Increasing process efficiency
    • Requirements for the organization in the implementation of Lean, Goals, feedback and dialogue
    • Organizational culture, Lean behavior and the Kaizen approach
    • Readiness to successfully pass the EXIN “Lean IT Foundation” certification exam
  • Directors of ICT departments – CIO
  • Quality managers in IT
  • Service delivery managers
  • IT managers, operational management
  • Owners of individual ITSM processes
  • Workers in organizations that implement or use Lean and need a basic understanding of Lean thinking
  • Candidates for the EXIN “Lean IT Foundation” certificate
  • Basic understanding of the Toyota Production System and the concept of Lean management
  • Definition and understanding of Lean principles
  • Value
  • Value Stream
  • Flow
  • Pull
  • Continuous Development
  • The importance of Lean management and its applicability in the IT environment
  • Change towards Lean (Lean transformation)
  • Lean IT project
  • Practical exercises and preparation for the EXIN Lean IT Foundation certification test

The manual for this course is in English, the explanation is in Slovak

The certification test from the EXIN certification institute for obtaining the internationally valid EXIN Lean IT Foundation certificate is included in the course price and takes place after the course on the next working day in the morning after the course, or another date can be agreed upon. The test is in written form and consists of choosing the correct answers from the given options. The length of the test is 75 minutes. Preliminary test results are available immediately after passing the exam.

Characteristics of the test:

  • The test is only in English
  • The test is part of the course and cannot be ordered separately without participation in the course
  • Test form: written (EXIN)
  • The length of the test is 60 minutes + 15 minutes for non-native (English) speakers
  • The test contains 40 questions and consists of choosing the correct answer from the given options
  • Successful completion of the exam – 26 correct answers out of 40 (65%)
  • No auxiliary materials or electronic devices may be used on the test

Course forms

In addition to public dates, we also offer this course under advantageous conditions in the form of in-house training for a group of participants directly at the customer’s workplace.
To obtain detailed information, contact us.

OMNICOM prefers a face-to-face course format. In the event of an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the course will be conducted online.