Continuing Professional Development program

PeopleCert supports the excellence of its candidates in the labor market with the help of its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. “We want to support the professional development of our candidates and bring them up-to-date information and knowledge so that they can succeed in their professional field.”

Renewal of certificates

As we already reported in our post “Limited validity of certificates for all Global Best practices“, certification for individual best practices (e.g. ITIL, PRINCE2,…) is valid for 3 years. After this time, candidates will have to renew their certification. This can be achieved in three ways:

Retake the same exam: Candidates can renew their certification by retaking the original exam before the renewal date. *

Take additional courses and certifications: Candidates can renew their certification by attending another course and taking an exam within the same product suite before the current certificate expires.*

Collect and record CPD points: Candidates can renew their certification by collecting and recording at least 20 CPD points, (for a given product package in different CPD categories) each year for 3 consecutive years. An active MyAxelos membership is required for this option.

  • In this case, all certificates will have the same validity date, which is 3 years after the last passed exam. Therefore, one exam will be sufficient to renew all certifications within the product package.

Candidates who do not renew within 3 years of the certificate issue date (or before 1 July 2023 for those certified on or before June 2020) will continue to be listed on the Successful Candidates Register(SCR) and the Candidate Verification Service, but a note will be added to their record that their certification does not meet current requirements and needs to be renewed. Even in such a case, however, it is possible to continue education, and such certificates marked “not current” will be accepted as fulfilling the entry requirements for other courses.