Webinar – ITIL4 Specialist Plan, Implement and Control

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40 minutes

10:00 - 10:40 AM (CET)

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28. February 2024
Date and place 28. February 2024
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Lecturer: Pavol Holbík, Head of Training Services, OMNICOM

The new ITIL4 Specialist – Plan, Implement and Control course, which is part of the ITIL Practice Manager qualification level, clarifies the goals, activities, principles and challenges of the five ITIL practices:

Asset Management
Change Enablement
Deployment Management
Release Management
ServiceConfiguration Management

The ITIL Plan, Implement and Control course provides practical knowledge and skills for effective management, support and optimization of IT services. By implementing the principles and best practices learned in this course, organizations can improve the management and deployment of products, practices, and processes into individual environments, improve change and release management, improve asset and asset control, and achieve better information delivery for IT service teams.

In the webinar, we will present the content of this course, as well as its benefits.