Take2 Re-sit exam

Get a chance to retake the certification exam for a discounted price


90 €  + taxes


(according to the selected exam)

Test dates

Date and place Price without tax Free spaces
Voucher validity - 6 months
90 € Yes
Date and place 31. December 2024
Price without tax 90 €
Free spaces Yes

The Take2 additional service can be purchased for your course or test. If you fail the certification exam, you get the opportunity to repeat it without any additional costs.

We will do everything to prepare you as best as possible to pass the certification exam. However, it is normal that, despite conscientious preparation, you will feel some uncertainty and anxiety before the exam. By purchasing the Take2 additional service, you will get rid of unnecessary stress.

You can take the possible remedial certification exam within 6 months from the date of the first exam.