GLPI Partners’ Day 2023

GLPI Partners’ Day 2023 was a global gathering held on October 27th in Paris, bringing together over 60 partner representatives from 18 countries. Hosted on the Seine River, the event provided a picturesque backdrop for networking and collaboration. The CEO, Pascal Aubry, emphasized Teclib’s vision and the importance of the open-source business model.

The agenda included introductions to the Teclib sales team and channel managers, who shared data on the global partnership network. OMNICOM as a Gold Partner of Teclib presented their successful GLPI implementation.

OMNICOM‘s project “City of Košice” aimed to centralize IT requirements for 12 municipal organizations and 1,500 users.

You can find the complete article about the city of Košice here:

Marketing & Communication Manager, Polina Marishicheva, shared website traffic data. Alexandre Delaunay, Head of GLPI Development, presented the GLPI roadmap and updates. 

The day concluded with a cocktail reception and a scenic cruise.

The GLPI Partners’ Day 2023 was more than an event; it was a testament to collaboration, innovation, and the strength of a global community. With the stage set for future collaborations and opportunities, anticipation is high for the next GLPI Partners’ Day, where the journey of success is bound to continue.

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