Culture change

Organizational change management

People are essential for any organizational transformation. We are helping to create value-driven environment and change the organizational culture.


Workshops for collaboration

We provide tailored workshops designed to improve team work and showing the new ways of collaboration and support culture change. Even more, our workshops used gamification to motivate participants.

Support for organizational change

Organizational change must be lead from inside. But external insight into the organization is essential for successful organizational change. We support change leaders in their effort.


In Spin Master we love to play and make our jobs more fun. Omnicom “Bricks and Chocolate” workshop really fits to our company culture and our teams are hungry for more. Very useful while very entertaining, relaxed and easygoing environment, perfect approach of facilitators, simply said very well invested time and energy! The simulation offered valuable hands-on experience in fast changing environment. It led you to consider impact of your action before you implement and the most importance showed the power of communication that is key. It was an empowering team building. Thank you Omnicom team, very likeable and fun.
Veronika Tomcakova
Senior Manager, Human Resources CEE/Italy/Greece at Spin Master