Improve Service Delivery Across All Departments

4me is SaaS platform for Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Instead of just using 4me for your IT service management, you can also choose to benefit from easy-to-use workflows and efficient service management for other business functions. Departments like HR, Facility Management, Security, and Finance can all benefit from managing their services on the 4me platform. Drive efficient and seamless collaboration across the enterprise with 4me’s ESM platform, built to provide end-to end transparency for the best possible service experience.

Workshops for collaboration


Only pay for what you need, when you need it. Usage-based charges and no minimum contract requirements.


Customer needs and a well-thought-out service catalog are at the core of effective and efficient IT service delivery.

Fast and Agile

Choose the path that suits you best and save up to 80% on all implementation costs.

Intoducing 4me – The Complete Service Management Platform

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4me – All the service management functionality you need!

4me® enables increased productivity, better collaboration and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Certified ITSM functionalities cover 19 ITIL processes and much more. The tool has a very dynamic agile development schedule, which means that 4me® customers regularly receive new, improved versions of the product at no additional cost.

Service Request & Incident Management

Handle service requests with greater efficiency and optimized processes.


Request support through a highly customizable, easy-to-use interface.

Problem Management

Quickly identify and manage new problems for the services that you are responsible for.

Virtual Agent

Provide context and dramatically increase relevance for your agents.

Change Management

Link task templates and change templates to ensure that no process steps are forgotten.

Config & Asset Management

Capture technical attributes and financial asset data in the 4me CMDB.

Knowledge Management

Support KCS methodology using this comprehensive set of features.

Service Catalog

Unique functionalities for managing the catalog of services and their native connection to all important components of 4me.

Service Level Management

Gain real-time insight into the quality of service that is being provided.

Financial Management

Give department heads, managers and service owners filtered information on time and cost.

Release Management

Realize common objectives and combine multiple changes into a single release.

Continuity Management

Manage your service continuity and recovery with enhanced disaster resilience.

Risk Management

Add your risk register to 4me to manage project risks and maintain compliance.

Time Tracking

Track time spent on requests, problems, changes and even projects.

Project Management

Manage operational and strategic project activities in a single solution.

Portfolio Management

Plan resources with structured selection, prioritization and approval of projects.


The Shop capability allows to order items or services directly from the Self Service portal. 

Agile SW development

Support for story points, product backlog, agile boards and sprits under one roof.

Functional overview

More certifications than other platforms

At the international conference 4me Connect 2022, which took place in Rotterdam at the end of May 2022, the companies that became Premium Implementation Partners 2022 were ceremoniously presented. Among these companies is our company OMNICOM, which received this partner status based on successful 4me implementations in Slovakia and still maintained it in 2023.

The first implementation was interesting because it combined IT service management for 6 different companies within one concern. The second showed, among other things, the suitability of the 4me tool for international companies in which multiple languages are used. It was an implementation for a foreign subsidiary for which IT services are provided by its parent company from Slovakia. With its automatic translation functionality, 4me enables seamless communication between the provider of IT services and the customer of these services, despite the use of different languages.